Conference Papers

SynchroGrid's engineers further contribute to the system protection industry by publishing and presenting papers at the major relay conferences in the United States, including the Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and Western Protective conferences.

SynchroGrid's publications focus on relay applications, fault analysis of events, and research results. Look below to see a few of the conference papers that we have presented recently.

Relay Loadability Challenges Experienced in Long Lines

April 8, 2016


Accepted by IEEE. © 2016 IEEE

S. Lee and J. Perez, "Relay Loadability Challenges Experienced in Long Lines," 2016 69th Annual Conference for Protective Relay Engineers (CPRE), College Station, TX, USA, 2016, pp. 1-16.

This paper discusses the two forms of logic scheming: Load Encroachment Setting and Out-of-Step Logic scheming. These are presented as they are applied to long transmission lines, where it can be difficult if not impossible to apply both settings at the same time.

Understanding Sub-Harmonics

August 31, 2015


This paper focuses on the effects of subharmonics in the power system. This is predominantly observed when a series line capacitor is used in transmission lines to increase power transfer from wind farms.

A Guide To Transformer Digital Fault Recording Event Analysis

August 21, 2015


This paper focuses on how the proper interpretation of fault and disturbance data is critical for the reliability and continuous operation of the power system. 

Calculating Loadability Limits of Distance Relays

May 14, 2015


This technical document focuses on concepts, definitions and calculation on how to find the maximum loadability limit of a distance relay with mho and lens characteristics.

The Effects Of Neutral Shifts On Protective Relays

March 30, 2015


This paper presents the event analyst with the theory, causes, and field record waveforms behind neutral shifts and their effects on protective relays, which will aid the analyst in the analysis of neutral shifts.

Analysis of a Flashover Operation on Two 138kV Transmission Lines

April 2, 2014


A flashover between the transmission and distribution circuit caused two 138kV transmission lines to trip. This paper presents the sequence of events, waveform analysis, reasearch results, and recommendations.

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