Automation Tool for Relay Setting Development

SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant) is a software tool which integrates with ASPEN and PowerBase to automate transmission line relay setting creation and wide area coordination. This innovative program uses a smart template that streamlines fault calculations and settings equations, eliminating errors due to  the manual transfer of data and ultimately producing more accurate settings.

SARA is a powerful software tool for the protection industry which can simplify the relay setting development process, conduct wide area coordination studies, and review and analyze the resulting data. In SARA, engineers can create a template to define their protection philosophy, auto-populate information from ASPEN to eliminate copy and paste processes, perform relay setting calculations, and generate relay settings files and reporting documentation which can be used for NERC compliance.

Key Features

  • Automatically perform data collection and fault analysis
  • Automate relay setting calculations
  • Replace Mathcad and spreadsheets with SARA-intelligent template
  • Export all setting calculations to a Word report
  • Store revised settings in PowerBase
  • Eliminate human error due to data transfer between separate programs
  • Create equations to verify NERC compliance for all versions of PRC-023, PRC-026, and PRC-027

SynchroGrid's software tool, SARA, integrates with ASPEN and SEL.
SARA integrates with ASPEN to automate transmission line relay setting creation.

User-friendly template (pictured above) defines settings equations.

NERC PRC-027-1 Compliance

SARA & Doble PowerBase

Utilities face many challenges in complying with NERC PRC-027-1. In an already busy environment, utilities must now find a way to establish a consistent process for developing relay settings, perform periodic wide area coordination studies of the entire system, and conduct in-depth examinations of the short circuit case information. These tasks combined are an enormous undertaking and require more resources and experience than most utilities can provide. In addition, they are intensely time consuming, laborious, and expensive, adding an immense load to an already busy staff.

Given the tremendous amount of labor required by this standard, it is imperative for utilities to use an automated process. SynchroGrid’s SARA (Setting Automation Relay Assistant) and Doble’s PowerBase offer a cutting-edge solution for PRC-027-1 by automating settings calculations, reducing time spent on calculating and reviewing data, eliminating the error-prone process of copying/pasting, and generating comprehensive report documentation.

SARA and PowerBase empower utilities to establish a streamlined process for relay setting development by automating the conventional workflow and simplifying the review process. This new, automated workflow involves SARA retrieving information from PowerBase, communicating with the short circuit model (such as ASPEN or CAPE) to auto-calculate faults, and generating a relay setting file and user-friendly reports for NERC documentation as described below.

Requirement 1

Requirement 1 (R1) states that utilities need to have a well-defined and well-documented relay settings development process. This process will consist of an accurate model, a defined protection philosophy, a rigorous review process, and the documentation of the relay settings data. SARA and PowerBase provide a streamlined solution for R1 which removes copy and paste processes and simplifies compliance.

PRC-027-1 Requirement 1 Process SARA & PowerBase

Requirement 2

The purpose of Requirement 2 (R2) is to avoid mis-operations caused by dynamic changes in the power system by performing wide-area coordination at regular intervals. To fulfill R2 of PRC-027-1, this process must be achieved using one of the three options defined in the standard. SARA and PowerBase provide an efficient, automated solution for performing wide area coordination studies.

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