SynchroGrid possesses a wealth of knowledge in NERC PRC compliance regulations from PRC-001 to PRC-027. Our engineers provide thorough NERC compliance reports to ensure our clients are ready for audits and protected from hefty non-compliance fees.

SynchroGrid can aid utilities preparing for NERC auditing by providing technical information and advice on any of the PRC regulations. A few of these regulations have been highlighted below:

  • PRC-027-1: Coordination of Protection System Performance During Faults
    • SynchroGrid consulting services provide a state-of-the-art process to develop relay settings. The process can be manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated using the latest technologies in software development and includes the following:
      • Validation and sanitation of short circuit data
      • Development or revision of protection philosophy
      • Application of protection philosophy to develop relay settings
      • Implementation of review processes
      • Click here to learn more about our PRC-027-1 compliance services
    • We also offer a software that provides a completely automated solution to PRC-027-1. Click here to learn more about our software solution.
  • PRC-002: Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements
  • PRC-005: Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relaying Maintenance
    • SynchroGrid has developed a step-by-step procedure tailored to each generator which examines the entire system as compared to a generic system test that may only cover small portions of the equipment and may not take your specific requirements into consideration. The three core processes to SynchroGrid's maintenance procedures include relay procedures, functional procedures, and equipment procedures. Having a detailed set of standard procedures will ensure testing consistency between different contractors, with full compliance and documentation for PRC-005.
  • PRC-019: Coordination of Generating Unit or Plant Capabilities, Voltage Regulating Controls, and Protection
    • Using generator data, relay settings, and system information, SynchroGrid graphically plots the exact location of the limit functions, equipment capabilities, and system settings. This assessment displays the precise positioning of the functions to ensure they are concurrent. 
  • PRC-024: Generator Frequency and Voltage Protective Relay Settings
    • SynchroGrid can provide support in assessing standards compliance, implementing solutions, identifying weak areas, and delivering technical and procedural solutions for system protection and standardization to meet PRC-024 reliability standards. We can help create, support, and recommend improvements to the system such that generating units remain compliant to the defined frequency and voltage deviations outlined by this NERC standard.
  • PRC-025: Generator Relay Loadability
    • SynchroGrid offers an automated solution for all users that reduces time spent in fulfilling PRC-025 requirements and in documenting and demonstrating compliance. By combining our expertise in system protection analyses, applying progressive modeling and simulation features using ASPEN or CAPE along with other tools developed in-house, SynchroGrid can offer a well-designed solution to meet PRC-025 requirements.

SynchroGrid can also aid in complying with the following NERC standards:

  • PRC-001: System Protection Coordination
  • PRC-004: Analysis and Mitigation of Transmission and Generation Protection System Mis-Operations
  • PRC-006: Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding
  • PRC-008: Implementation and Documentation of Underfrequency Load Shedding Equipment
  • PRC-010: Technical Assessment of the Design and Effectiveness of Undervoltage Load Shedding Program
  • PRC-011: Undervoltage Load Shedding System Maintenance and Testing
  • PRC-015: Special Protection System Data and Documentation
  • PRC-016: Special Protection System Mis-Operations
  • PRC-017: Special Protection System Maintenance and Testing
  • PRC-018: Disturbance Monitoring Equipment Installation and Data Reporting
  • PRC-021: Undervoltage Load Shedding Program Data
  • PRC-022-1: Undervoltage Load Shedding Program Performance
  • PRC-023-2: Transmission Relay Loadability

Projects in this category

Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative: PRC-027-1 Wide Area Coordination (WAC)

SynchroGrid performed a wide area coordination study to ensure compliance with PRC-027-1 Requirement 2.

Pattern Energy: PRC-025-1 Compliance

SynchroGrid performed engineering calculations to verify that relay settings are in compliance with PRC-025-1 for Pattern Energy wind farms located in the US.

Sharyland Utilities: NERC PRC-019-2 Compliance for Alibates Synchronous Condenser

SynchroGrid performed engineering calculations for Sharyland Utilities to verify that the relay and limiter settings at the Alibates Substation were in compliance with NERC PRC-019-2.

Sharyland Utilities: NERC PRC-019-2 Compliance for Tule Canyon Synchronous Condenser

SynchroGrid performed engineering calculations for Sharyland Utilities’ Tule Canyon Substation to verify that relay and limiter settings were in compliance with NERC PRC-019-2.

CTT: PRC-027-1 Wide Area Coordination (WAC)

SynchroGrid performed a wide area coordination for CTT’s 345kV system.

NRG: Cottonwood PRC-025

SynchroGrid conducted a generator NERC-PRC-025-2 compliance review for NRG. 

CTT: Replacement of Reactor Relays at Gray Substation

SynchroGrid developed relay settings to replace reactor relays (GE-T60 and SEL-487E-0 were replaced with SEL-387E and SEL-487E-3) and updated drawings, control schematics, and GOOSE architect files to coordinate communications.

Pattern Energy: NERC PRC IESO Scope Addition

SynchroGrid performed engineering calculations for a number of Pattern wind farms in Ontario.

NRG: Generator NERC-PRC-025-1 Compliance Review

SynchroGrid created an innovative process that has simplified the verification of generator protective relays for NERC PRC-025 compliance. 

Pattern: Wind Farm System Protection Compliance Review

SynchroGrid performed extensive calculations for wind farms across Canada to ensure that their relay settings were in compliance with a number of NERC-PRC standards.