At SynchroGrid, we recognize the importance of creating standardized processes, and we have directly witnessed the effects that standards can have on improving efficiency and reducing errors. We have developed a method for working with utilities to fix broken processes they may have internally by standardizing the way they do things. By standardizing processes such as the relay setting development process or the drawings process, we are able to provide utilities with a solution that not only solves their current needs but provides a way for them to be self-sufficient for future projects and maintain critical knowledge of the utility.

Utility with Standards

  • Implement uniformity and consistency project after project by creating protection and control standards.
  • Develop relay setting RDB templates that can be given to protection engineers and outside consultants and still maintain uniformity.
  • Integrate relay philosophy into relay setting RDB templates.
  • Create calculation procedures in program form that allows all settings calculations to be performed in a consistent way.

Utility without Standards

  • Input and output assignments are very inconsistent from project to project for similar applications.
  • Design and relay settings consultant deliverables differ from project to project for similar applications.
  • Calculation procedures done in different way from intended philosophy. Relay settings logic changes from project to project.

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